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Destination Wedding Checklist: Booking Bridal Hair and Makeup

What to consider when booking wedding suppliers for destination weddings

Four Useful tips for a stress-free, dream booking experience. 

Considering taking your Makeup Artist Overseas?

Planning a wedding overseas will undoubtedly provide  some of the most unforgettable memories of a couples lifetime. However, to pull off the ultimate fairytale wedding, this does require additional logistics for brides and grooms-to-be.

When booking your bridal glam squad, it can be a great comfort to know that you have tried and tested your look on home soil before- hand, and thus many brides opt to bring a hair and makeup artist with them for the big day. I have complied a few hints & tips to let you know what to expect when booking your bridal glam squad!

  1. Location, Location, Location

First things, first: Consider booking the venue. This one is not just subject to hair and makeup, and will assist you when on the hunt for any wedding suppliers you plan to take with you from home. Photographers, videographers and makeup artists can all give you a more accurate quote the more information you provide at the enquiry stage.

MY TOP TIP FROM A MAKEUP ARTIST: Consider the “getting ready room”: How spacious & light is the space provided? A large room with lots of light is the ideal space for bridal prep. 

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2. Supplier Travel Logistics

Traveling long distances for weddings requires a touch more planning than a UK wedding. Many popular airlines have limited flight options on Fridays- Sunday and beautiful countryside venues are likely to be an hour or two from main airports. Your supplier will likely be out of their business for 2-3 days when flying overseas so travel days, additional accommodation, and food supplements are often required.

MY TOP TIP: Ensure your stylist arrives a day or two before to mitigate potential travel issues

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3. Bringing the Salon to you!

Makeup kits quickly become a heavy load to transport as we are prepared for every skin tone, texture, and hair type! I know this because mine is 20 + Kg! (yes you read correctly, 20 + Kg) and that’s before I have even packed an overnight bag! Luckily, experienced artists are a dab-hand at making all those luxury products more travel-friendly, so we can bring the salon directly to you!  However, it is worth noting that for us, walking long distances or getting lots of public transport isn’t too the easiest with such a heavy load!

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MY TOP TIP: Book an makeup artist that has experience in destination weddings, they will know the potential pitfalls to avoid when travelling long distances.

4. We might need a helping hand

Although every stylist is different; typically, experienced  bridal hair and makeup artists can complete around  six services ( or three people) by themselves on the morning of your wedding. This allows plenty of time per person, ensuring the makeup and hair lasts all day and into the night. If you have a larger bridal party a second stylist will help get bridesmaids, mum’s and aunties all wedding ready!

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MY TOP TIP: Book your stylists accommodation close to your wedding venue, to mitigate any travel disruptions or issues on the morning of the wedding. 



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