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Bridal Hair And Makeup FAQs

The most popular questions brides ask when hiring a bridal hair and makeup artist.

Bridal Hair and Make-up artistry, like many other art forms, is very personal and subjective and we want you to have the best possible experience and the most amazing wedding!

I would  first recommend finding a stylist who’s extensive body of previous work matches your style or has elements that inspire you-getting you excited to work with them!

I know it is hard to know what to expect from your bridal hair and makeup trial, so I have personally designed an Online  Beauty Consultation form for you to fill in, ahead of time, that ensures we can get to know you a little better.  This means we can tailor our skill set to each and every bride, taking the stress out of creating your perfect wedding look!


Why hire two companies when you can have the convenience of one! Hiring a company that does both does make the process logistically easier; Not to mention the benefit of seeing your hair and makeup together at one trial!

Experience in the field: There are bridal hair and makeup artist for all different budgets! Trusting your supplier has enough experience to deal with the stresses of the day is so important- but more experienced stylists are in demand and the prices will reflect this. 

Do you have a contract in place with your vendor? This ensures you don’t lie awake the night before your wedding wondering if your hair and makeup artist is going to arrive on time!

Professionalism and a friendly face!: Our experience extends beyond the hair and makeup chair  as we are with you up until you walk down the aisle! It is important you feel comfortable in your stylists hands and can request adjustments to your look- knowing they won’t take it personally and are the ultimate professional! 

Iconic Brands, Luxury Products: We use everything from Charlotte tilbury, NARS, MAC and Moroccan oil for the ultimate, luxury pampering experience.

This is very common, and why a trial is essential! Many of our clients have never had professional hair and makeup and thus We start with a lighter application, consulting you every step of the way!

Learn more about how the process works at the bottom of the services page.

All trials are Monday- Thursday at my home studio in CRO.

Trials last anywhere between 2-4 hours depending on your personal requirements. In order to ensure a smooth running of the trial, we send you full details on how to prepare once the deposit has been made. A good rule of thumb is to arrive with no makeup and day old hair for all hairstyles that aren’t blow drys. You can check out our blog for more useful tips and tricks.

Yes, absolutely- this is really normal! At the trial, we often make skincare, hair care and makeup recommendations that will help elevate your look on the wedding day. We also request your feedback on your look after the trial, to ensure you look and feel exactly how you want to!

Learn More about how to best prepare for your bridal trial in my trial blog post.

Anywhere from 3-6 months before the wedding day! Some clients like to get in sooner rather than later, and peak summer dates go quicker but there is no real “rule” it is up to you!

We are often booked most Fridays and weekend dates with weddings [ 70+ a year!] So trials are held Monday-Thursday with  appointments starting at 10am or 2pm as a rule of thumb.

However, please do get in touch as we have a premium service option if needed.

Jo Elizabeth and any artists working under the Jo Elizabeth brand are fully insured.

We are greater London and Surrey based, however we are often travelling all around the M25! We service Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Essex, Surrey, London, Berkshire, Hampshire and destination weddings too! You can find more travel information in the terms and conditions here.

The full terms and conditions can be found here; however we love to accommodate destination weddings & are happy for either yourself or us to arrange travel, hotels and transfers.

Although we hope this will never happen, you will not be committed to the  booking, however the Booking fee will be retained.
Booking fee’s are non-refundable and covers the administration costs, and holding of your wedding date in the diary.

Due to the high demand for wedding dates, this fee is to secure the date for the delivery of the services for the event, plus the administration cost required to deliver the trial and wedding services. This is peace of mind to both yourself and the artist and it is strongly recommended you reserve your wedding date.

We schedule each and every wedding so you know exactly what to expect on the wedding day. Timings will vary depending on the styles required, however on average we schedule 2 hours for the Bride and up-to 1.5 hours for guests, for both hair and makeup. We endeavour to get your bridal party ready around 1 hour before you would like to leave in order to get into your dress and take any pictures.

The lashes are a complimentary extra offered by us so we would not be able to discount if you prefer not to have them. 

Yes of course! We can accommodate as many people as you require and offer a package price for both hair and makeup together! Additional stylists are require for every six services, to ensure you day is smooth sailing!

We use water resistant mascara and products where possible.

Bespoke, professional  On location Service: You get exactly what you want from the comfort of your wedding venue/ hotel room or home! No need to have a mad dash to the salon and risk it all falling out before the ceremony!

We have had additional training and development for popular, modern bridal hair and makeup requests: Styles and techniques  change frequently and continued professional development is crucial in our industry!

We know the process: With hundreds of weddings under our belt we know the best way to calm pre-wedding nerves, and schedule everything so you have enough time to  enjoy the morning without feeling rushed!

We know how to make styles last from day to night: This is crucial. Weddings are no ordinary day and we have the latest products and techniques to ensure your style goes the distance.

We book enough artists for the level of work you require: We know that much more than six services or 3 people for hair and makeup may cause unnecessary stress on the wedding morning. Our quotes are transparent so you know exactly how long the services take for the best results. 

No hidden fees: Our quotes are comprehensive so you know exactly what to expect.

I am a firm believer in creating the look that makes you feel the most comfortable on your wedding day! 

It is true that even natural makeup is likely to feel heavier than your 10 minute every-day look! And photographs ( and time!) do tend to wash-out the appearance of makeup!

However, communication (and a trial with your stylist) really helps you to find the right balance for you!

Minor tweaks and feedback after your trial are all part of the process and sometimes you need to wear your look for a few hours to know how the products work for your personally!

For the best results and to avoid disappointment,  I recommend clip in hair extensions.

The hair extensions act as scaffolding structure to the hairstyle, so as your hair drops the extensions will keep more of the curl and help your style to hold it’s structure for longer.

You can also start off with a tighter curl than you desire, allowing it to drop over time.

During the trial it is a great time to talk to your stylist about styles that will suit your hair texture.

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