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Welcome to my natural wedding hair and makeup artist styles and trends Gallery, where I showcase the latest and most stunning bridal looks with my signature, contemporary approach to natural wedding hair and makeup. I am  dedicated to creating unique and unforgettable styles that highlight your natural beauty and enhance your individuality, whilst still feeling like you!

In this gallery, you will find a range of styles and trends that embody elegance and sophistication, with a touch of modern, boho flair. From the effortless allure of loose waves to the timeless charm of a chic chignon, our artists have mastered the art of creating natural wedding hair and makeup looks that perfectly complement your wedding dress and overall aesthetic.

Jo's bridal hair inspiration

 Low Polished Bridal Bun Styles 

Boho Twisted Half Up Styles

Textured Modern Bridal Bun

If you’re a bride who loves the idea of a hairstyle that exudes both grace and simplicity, natural, messy boho bun styles and half up-half-downs are sure to captivate your heart. From delicate and intricate braided crowns to loose, tousled side braids, these styles add an ethereal and romantic touch to the overall look.

Another popular trend is the use of loose waves or soft curls, creating a carefree and effortless vibe. With their soft and cascading texture, loose waves add a touch of femininity and grace to any bridal ensemble. 

For brides seeking a more refined and polished appearance, chic chignons and modern Hollywood waves are a timeless choice. These sophisticated styles are characterised by their sleek and structured elegance, creating a refined and timeless look. 

Jo's Signature Naturally Enhancing Bridal Makeup

Timeless Warm Neutral Tones

Radiant English Rose 

Fresh, Dewy, Glowing Skin

For the modern, natural bride, there are several captivating makeup trends that perfectly embody simplicity and enhance natural beauty.

One prevailing trend is the focus on flawless, glowing skin. This entails using lightweight and breathable foundations or tinted moisturisers to achieve a radiant complexion while allowing the skin’s natural texture to shine through. Soft, natural-looking blush is applied to add a hint of warmth and subtle flush to the cheeks, giving a healthy and youthful appearance.

Another popular trend is the use of neutral and pink tones on the eyes, with shades like soft browns, taupe, and warm beige. These colors create a soft enhancement while maintaining a natural allure. I am a lover of natural, wispy individual eyelashes, perfectly placed to enhance your natural features without looking over-done!

To complete the look, brides often opt for a glossy or satin finish on the lips, choosing shades that mimic their natural lip color for a subtle enhancement. The overall effect is a timeless and elegant bridal look that celebrates the bride’s innate beauty, highlighting her features without overpowering them. 

Wedding hair and makeup inspiration by wedding vibe

 Relax Boho Wedding

Modern City Chic Wedding

Destination Wedding 

These are just a few examples of wedding styles from past clients and styled shoots I have been lucky enough to be part of.  In reality, many couples prefer to blend different styles or create their own unique wedding theme. The key is to select a style that resonates with you and reflects your personal tastes and preferences.

Contemporary trends and minimalistic aesthetics will  often feature sleek and clean lines, bold color schemes, geometric shapes, and innovative decor. The venue can range from art galleries and modern architectural spaces cities like London. The focus is on creating a sophisticated and chic atmosphere.

 Bohemian, or boho, weddings are characterized by a free-spirited and non-traditional approach. They often take place outdoorsin beauty areas such as Surrey, Sussex or Kent. Boho weddings feature elements like flowing and ethereal dresses, flower crowns,  mismatched decor, and natural, earthy tones. The atmosphere is relaxed, intimate, and whimsical.

 Destination weddings combine a wedding celebration with a memorable vacation for the couple and their guests. They take place in a location away from the couple’s hometown and often in a picturesque setting, Tuscany, Venice or France are some of the amazing locations I have been lucky enough to visit. Destination weddings can incorporate elements from various styles, depending on the chosen location.

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