Brush Up: A Basic Guide to Eyeshadow Brushes

Practice runs make sure you’ll look exactly as you imagined

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Debunking the brush mind-field

Okay, let’s talk about makeup brushes.  Brushes for me are EVERYTHING in a makeup application; they assist in elevating your look to a more professional, polished standard. Now full  disclaimer here, like anything artistic,  the one thing you should keep in mind with makeup in general is there really isn’t a “ right” and “wrong” way to do anything- if you have a technique/tool mastered and it works for you, DO IT! 

That being said, I feel with the rise of the YouTube beauty  “Gurus” and makeup “influencers” so many of my clients ( and friends! ) are more confused than ever, so here I am going to debunk a few of my all time favourite eyeshadow brushes to help you get the best out of your tools.

Natural hair VS Synthetic hair brushes

Before you start selection your tools, it’s beneficial to have a little background about what they are made from, as this can affect your application; the general rule of thumb is:

Natural Hair ( Normally Goat/squirrel) > Much like your own hair, the natural hair used has cuticles that are great at aiding in blending powder products such as eyeshadows, face powders and powder blusher.

Synthetic Hair ( Factory made materials like polyester/ nylon)> Synthetic fibres don’t soak up  product in the same way that natural hair does, so this makes them perfect for cream products such as concealerfoundations and cream blushes/bronzer

This being said, as more of us are becoming increasingly concerned with the environment and animal welfare there are many options available to suit every consumer concern.

The Flat One AKA The Correct & Perfector

Kryolan Modern Art Flat brush (8mm)
Once I discovered this versatile brush, I am not sure I could ever let it go! This is a beauty for correcting mistakes and sculpting shapes!. The super flat shape makes it perfect applying a touch of concealer under the brow bone, for that uber polished brow effect.

MY TOP TIP: Apply a touch of concealer to the brush and use it to define or clean up a winged eyeliner or eyebrow look.
The Brow + Liner One

NYX Pro Dual Brow Brush
My absolute FAV for sculpting those beautiful brows, great with powder and pomade textures.

MY TOP TIP: If you struggle with eyeliner, double this bad boy up as eyeliner brush too! The angel is perfect for creating that “wing” effect with minimum effort.‍


The Blender AKA the Multi-tasking One

Mac #217 blending brush
This is by far my most used brush, for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. From applying eyeshadow powders, to blending them out for that ultra professional finish, this little jem is a great multi-tasker.

MY TOP TIP: Spritz the brush with water & use a “dabbing” motion to gain a more intense colour payoff from your eyeshadows.
The Shader AKA The Original One

Mac #239S Eye shader Brush
Last but not least is the classic shader brush. I guarantee you will have variation on this brush in your makeup collection. Perfect for product placement, this brush is great for getting the colour onto the lid, then simply use your #217 to blend out harsh edges!

MY TOP TIP: run a small amount of eyeshadow underneath the eye with this brush for a smokey, more intense look.




As a lover of fashion and style, my talent is managing to create beautiful hair and makeup designs which highlight and balance my clients own natural features and beauty, without masking them. With this in mind, my blog was created so that I can further support my clients every need and help expand their own knowledge base so that you can continue to feel beautiful, every day. Sharing “secrets” and keeping on trend matters.