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meet jo Elizabeth

A wildling day-dreamer from the north, on a beauty mission to serve modern bridal babes with luxury, natural bridal makeup and hair in the stunning surrey hills of Reigate and beyond!

Just like the Berocca advert once wisely proclaimed, my aim is to create bridal looks that are like “You, but on a really good day”

P.s I didn't take ALL my beauty advice from Vitamin supplements- don't worry!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Sit back, relax and let's dive into the world cool, effortless, clean bridal makeup and hair styles that work for the modern, natural bridal babe.

So, if there is one thing you should know about our time together, it is that I do not encourage it to be stuffy affair! 

True to my northern roots, I love a good natter, throwing out some cheeky one-liners and always happy to hear girly gossip. I will also most definitely fueled by a caffeinated beverage or two. ( I’m obviously a flat white millennial- Please don’t judge me too harshly..they just taste damn good!)

Equally, I love my brides to feel like they can be themselves, relax and enjoy the process- because how often is it we really get to treat ourselves with such an experience?

To me, the best outcomes in the makeup chair are derived from collaborative mutual relationships with my clients, thus I have designed my services with this in mind- so you still feel like you. Just naturally enhanced, and elevated!

Get to know Jo Elizabeth 

My Journey into weddings...

In early 2016 I had just completed a six month contract as a Beauty professional on-board an international cruise liner.

After working in luxury cosmetics retail for the better part of 6+ yrs [whilst gaining my beauty training and make-up degree] I was ready for a new challenge and decided to up-sticks from the North of England to London to become a freelancer.

( Side note: I have always loved a little adventure, and my motto is “You can always go home if you hate it”- turns out I didn’t.) 

My light bulb moment came several months into my second year of “just-say-yes-to-everything-makeup-related” phase, whilst on a T.V set.

As I waited to do another round of  makeup “checks”, I tucked into my third bored-to-tears-chocolate treat before 10am and began emailing a colleague who I was assisting with larger wedding bookings.

It dawned on me that although I enjoyed freelancing for the most part, my favourite energy came from weddings. Hands down. I adored the clients, the suppliers, the dress’s….the shoes! ( I am tiny and LOVE a heel) I liken the process to my favourite part of any night out- getting ready with ya besties! 

I set out to build a wedding business, and  Jo Elizabeth Hair and Makeup has been my passion project ever since!

Five years on (and a a global pandemic later) we are continuously evolving and serving 70+ weddings a year! 

My team and I would love to be part of your wedding journey, you can contact me or find our more about our Booking Process.

 Can’t wait to hear from you!

Jo x

“My professional training, extensive high end product knowledge and expertise enables my brand to tailor your wedding makeup and hair style to you and you alone, but we like to have a giggle whilst we do it!


Get to know me


Most quoted film(s)

Clueless OR Mean girls

Mean girls.. just!

Guilty Pleasure

Psychology OR Beauty Podcasts

Psychology Podcasts! I’m a nerd really!

Take my money

Charlotte Tilbury OR Dior

Charlotte Tilbury! That glow is my vibe!

Favourite Country

Norway OR Cambodia

It’s a mind blowing Fjords of Norway!

Secret talent

The “Crab Walk” OR Tongue Fold


Drink of Choice

Coffee OR Wine

Anything caffeinated!



We listen. We believe in your vision. We make it happen because we care.
Are you never seen without an eyeliner flick, that statement red lip or lashings of mascara ? Or are you a makeup novice, concerned about looking too “done” on her wedding day? During the consultation together we access your makeup comfort levels and gain a greater idea of results you are looking to achieve.
We place a high value on our service that extends beyond the makeup chair. We provide those all important last minute touch ups before you walk down the aisle for yourself and your wedding party – scheduling the day so everything runs as smooth as possible.


Only the best team & products make it through our selection process.
Our high attention to detail, modern techniques and carefully selected range of premium products means we can adapt our skill set to work with your own individual texture, skin conditions and concerns to create a long lasting, professionally finished makeup application that will photograph beautifully.
Have you ever noticed that makeup translates differently when you have your photograph taken? We create looks with this in mind, so your makeup looks great on and off camera throughout your wedding day.


A makeup artist’s title says it all. Your face is our palette and your hair is our muse.

Taking into consideration your individual preferences, natural colourings, wedding colour palette and colour trends; we select products that will create harmony on the face, balancing the complexion and complementing the overall aesthetic of your look.
We use our expertise to analyse and create the wedding hairstyle that works with your own hair texture, type and face shape. We advise you to look at hair types that are similar to your own for inspiration. Don’t feel you have to try something completely different just because it’s your wedding day, although it can be fun to try something new.


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