Terms + Conditions

Table of Contents

Definitions and Acceptance

The following expressions are used below:

  • ‘Stylist” means Jo Elizabeth Hair and Makeup members of the Jo Elizabeth Hair and Makeup umbrella who are providing the Services.
  • ”Client” means the party identified as the Client in the Contract for Services.
  • “Contract” means the contract made between the Stylist and the Client.
  • “Services” means the services that the Stylist will provide as detailed in the Contract.
  • Wedding Insurance is advised for all clients

1. Acceptance

  1. The Client’s execution and return of the Contract for Services or commencement of the Services constitute the Client’s acceptance of Contract for Services subject to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Payment

  1. In consideration of the Stylist providing the Services set out in the Contract for Services, the Client agrees to pay the fees, costs, and all other expenses as set out in this Contract for Services.

  2. The Client shall make any payments due under the Contract within the time frame as detailed in the Contract for Services.

  3. Failure to pay in line with the instalment dates set out in the contract may result in the booking being cancelled and prior payments being retained.

  4. Late payment warning: We will exercise our statutory right to claim interest (at 8% over the Bank of England base rate) and compensation for debt recovery costs under the Late Payment legislation if we are not paid according to our agreed terms.

  5. For Services required within six (6) weeks of the Wedding Date, 50% of the Final Balance is due to secure the wedding date. The remainder of the balance is then due 48 hours following the Trial Date. The full fee is required to secure the booking where the parties agree that a trial shall not be required.

3. Booking Fee

  1. The Booking Fee is required to secure the services of the stylist. Reservation fees are non-refundable and covers the administration costs, and holding of your wedding date in the diary. Cooling off periods do not apply as per Consumer Rights advice found here.

4. Trial Consultation

  1. Trials take place at my home conservatory studio (CRO).

  2. Appointments for trials take place Monday – Thursday (excluding bank holidays) 9 am – 6 pm when the most daylight is available. Trials can be agreed at the clients home in exceptional circumstances and the Stylist reserves the right to refuse trial requests.

    **Unless otherwise stated at time of booking**

  3. In exceptional circumstances trials undertaken on bank holidays or at the clients home  incur a £50.00 surcharge plus travel and parking to the clients chosen location.

  4. For a wedding makeup and hair booking, the maximum amount of time the Stylist can spend at a trial is 3.5hrs. Additional time required for trial sessions should be booked as a repeat trial or you can add on additional hour at the time of booking.

  5. Repeat trials are charged to the Client in line with the current trial costs for that year.

  6. Late or No show: Trial appointments are a maximum of 3.5 hours and begin at the agreed time discussed with the stylist & client. Unfortunately this time can not be extended if the client is late.

5. Cancellations + Postponements

  1. At any point the client can terminate the stylist’s services, this must be communicated in writing. reservation fees and payments can be retained as stated in ( 2.2 .3.1) in line with the agreed payment schedule.

  2. Cancellations received one (1) week or less before a trial or non-wedding event will incur the full fee for the service.

  3. Payments that have already been made to the stylist for a wedding event that is subsequently cancelled or postponed will be retained in line with clause 3.1, 2.2

  4. Cancellations by the stylist due to circumstances out of their control, rendering the performance of their obligations problematic or unsatisfactory, and where a suitable alternative has not been found for the client,  will result in a full refund. *If the booking is directly affected by circumstances beyond the control of the stylist, the company will endeavour to do everything within their control to rectify the situation however no further compensation will be given.

  5. In the event weddings are prohibited by law, one date change(subject to availability) is permitted. Should the artist be unavailable for the new date, a full refund – minus the booking fee- will be issued for services not already completed. 

6. Adaptations to services

  1. Should the agreed booking need to be adapted, the Client shall give as much notice to the Stylist as possible, but no less than [12 weeks], to request such adaptation. These include but are not limited to changes to the bridal party numbers, event locations. Adaptations  to dates are covered within the cancellation policy. Where possible, the Stylist shall adapt the booking but the Stylist may refuse to adapt if provided with too little notice or where the Stylist cannot comply due to service demands.

  2. Notifications pursuant to clause 6.1 should be in writing (including email).  Adaptations shall be effective from the date the Client received written confirmation from the Stylist.

  3. Adaptations to trial dates for both the Client and the Stylist must be confirmed in writing (including email) no less than one [1] week prior to the Trial Date. Payments will be retained in accordance with clause 5.2. If changes result in the number of person(s) being reduced the stylist has the right to adjust the times/ dates and any previous discounts applied.‍

  4. Any adaptations to the Services shall be in accordance with clause 7 below.

  5. Additional hair and makeup services ( including bridesmaids, mother of the bride and guests) are charged at a discounted package rate of £125.00 when booked with the bride. This discounted rate may only apply when a bride is present on the booking. Removal of the bride will result in the Special Occasion Hair and Makeup price being applied [£180.00 PP].

7. Minimum services requirements

  1. Services undertaken on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday between April and October inclusive (“Peak Season”) and Christmas – New year( Dec 25-31st) have a minimum service fee of Bride + 2 for hair and makeup (excluding trial) or the equivalent services* Min £580.00 spend.

  2. Bride only bookings will be charged at £400.00 for hair and makeup for the wedding, excluding Friday/ Saturday’s/ Sunday’s where a minimum spend of bride + 2 for hair and makeup( or equivalent services) is required.

  3. The Client shall confirm final service requirements in relation to the Services 12 weeks prior to the wedding date. Any decrease in the Services due to Client requirements shall be subject to the minimum service requirements as detailed in clause

  4. Any increase in the Services due to Client requirements may require additional stylists, as indicated by the Stylist. Additional stylists are required where the Services exceed six (6) services per stylist (three clients for hair and makeup). 

  5. Additional stylists are charged at £140.00 per stylist, plus additional travel/ parking expenses. 

  6. Surcharges will be added at a rate of £100.00 per stylist should the ceremony time require the Stylist to start before 6.00 am.

  7. Where there is a decrease in the Services after the Final Balance has been received by the Stylist, all payments will be retained.

8. Travel Expenses

  1. Travel requirements for the Stylist within a 15-mile radius( 30 miles round trip) of [ CRO]will not incur any expenditure by the Client if it is reasonable to avoid travel through central London via public transport. Travel expenses incurred by the Stylist within the mainland UK outside of the 30-mile radius will be charged at 0.50p per mile to the Client inclusive of the return journey. 

    8.1 (a)  When the stylist(s) needs to travel through or into London ( zones 1-6 ) via public transport, the client will incur the £25.00 Flat Rate cost per stylist.

  2. Parking and congestion charges incurred by the Stylist, shall be charged to the Client where applicable.

  3. Any requirements for methods of transport other than a motor vehicle including but not limited to rail and air travel, shall be agreed by the Client and Stylist at the time of booking. TFL and AA route planner are used to calculate charges.

  4. Distances calculated over 1.5 hours of travel from [CRO] will require an overnight stay for the Stylist.

  5. For bookings outside mainland UK the following expenses are incurred:

    5.1 Taxi/parking from [CRO] the airport and back for all artists on the booking. [Whichever is most cost effective at time of booking]

    5.2 Where travel to the airport exceeds a 20-mile radius from [CRO] when travelling by motor vehicle, a charge of 0.50p per mile is incurred for every mile exceeding that radius.

    5.3 Reasonable timed flights [ between 9am-6pm] return flights, accommodation, and transfers to and from the airport at the destination, as agreed in advance between the Stylist and Client.

    5.4 In the event of a cancellation,postponement or adjustment to the wedding pre-booked flights, accommodation, and transfer will be covered by the client.

    5.5 Where a flight is leaving before 8 am or the airport is a 50-mile radius +  from [CRO], an overnight stay will be required.

  6. Surcharges will be added at a rate of £100.00 per stylist should the ceremony time require the Stylist to start before 6.00 am.

9. Publication

  1. The Client agrees that the Stylist may use any photography for publicity purposes including but not limited to, publication on social media pages and the Stylist website. Should the Client not feel comfortable with this, please do let the stylist know at the earliest convenience.

10. Responsibility of the client & stylist

  1. Schedules: Styling appointments are 45 minutes per hair OR makeup service [ 1 hr 30 mins PP].
    For brides we typically leave 2 HRS [service dependent]
  2. It is the responsibility of the stylist to provide the client with a schedule; this outlines the required time the stylist(s) needs to perform their duties to the highest standard.
  3. Late Policy: It is the responsibility of the client(s) to arrive in good time for their agreed appointment(s) Lateness of over 10 minutes will cause the service quality to be compromised and the stylist will only have time to perform a partial service. No refunds will be given in such an event.
  4. Adjustments to the schedule: Should the client wish to adjust the schedule, start/ or finish time, this must be agreed by the stylist at least 1 week prior to the wedding or event
  5. The client should inform the stylist(s) of any conditions that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes, but is not limited to, sensitivities, allergies, and medical conditions. The stylist can not be held liable for any damages, losses that occur due to the client’s failure to inform the artist of existing or known conditions. The stylist reserves the right to refuse or adapt services due to contagious skin conditions that may affect the business of the artist. The makeup artist reserve’s the right to refuse services in the event of abusive, offensive behaviour, or physical violence.
  6. The stylist will always endeavour to honour the terms of this agreement to the best of their ability.