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The Adventures of a Bridal Makeup Artist in London

Mastering the Art of Clean and Fresh Bridal Makeup

Your trusted tiny bridal makeup artist in London spills the beans on her latest creations..

Less Kim K, More Hayley Bieber Please...


Greetings, beautiful brides-to-be, makeup enthusiasts and generally anyone who happens to be interested in creating beautiful fresh looks, that are less Kim K and more Hayley Bieber! Today, I, your tiny trusted bridal makeup artist in London, am about to spill some secrets on how I created one of my latest clean and fresh bridal makeup looks during a fun, creative day in a North London studio. A signature style of mine that is perfect for summer brides, who want to look like themselves, but a touch more elevated. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with brushes, palettes, and a sprinkle of hilarity ( if I do say so myself), as we dive into the magical world of bridal beauty! 

Prep Like a Pro (Bridal Makeup Artist Tip #1):

Before diving headfirst into the world of bridal makeup, let’s talk about prepping that precious canvas. It’s crucial to start with a clean face. So, brides, please resist the urge to hit snooze on your alarm clock and end up with last night’s flaky mascara adorning your cheeks as you sit down in our makeup chair. Trust me, your artist ( and your skin) will be grateful for my wise words. I prepped Anna’s skin with a gentle cleanse of BioDerma, A drop of Balance me Radiant Face Oil and a Makeup Artists secret weapon Weleda Skin Food Light.

MY TOP TIP:  Get more bang-for-your-buck by exfoliating prior to your makeup application. 

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Foundation: The Magic Eraser ( Bridal Makeup Artist Tip #2):

Ah, foundation! The superhero of the makeup world, capable of erasing all imperfections and transforming you into a glowing goddess. When choosing the right foundation, remember that the goal is to look like yourself, just a slightly more radiant and flawless version. So, unless you want to resemble a porcelain doll or a cake with way too much icing, choose something light that you can build up. I opted for the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder, my superhero base for that glowing, fresh finish. This natural looking finish can be enhanced with the Magic Away Concealer, full coverage and perfect packing more of punch where you need it.

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Keep The “Baking” To The Kitchen, Please! (Bridal Makeup Artist Tip #3):

Nothing ruins a fresh bridal makeup look faster than a face that resembles Betty Crocker Cupcake mix that’s missing the H2O. To avoid the dreaded “cakey” situation, remember to be strategic with your powder placement. I used a large tapered brush, 240S, from MAC Cosmetics  to apply Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in the center of the face, ensuring I left the high points of the face free of powder for that glow factor.

MY TOP TIP: Powder Just above the eyebrow to take that shine from “sweaty” to “glowy”

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Blushing Bride (Bridal Makeup Artist Tip #4):

Let’s talk about blushing, shall we? As a bridal makeup artist,I’m well aware of the potential for brides to turn into walking beetroot impersonators. I might be so bold as to suggest we would Ideally we would like to  avoid that. I’m obsessed with cream blush applied with a light hand, just above the cheekbone for a modern finish. Remember, you’re aiming for a natural flush, not a resemblance to a flushed tomato. I use the Charlotte Tilbury Pinkgasm, as the pearlescent shine looks incredible when it catches the light. I will also let you in on a little secret of mine- I applied the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick on the apples of the cheeks AS WELL as the lips. Two-In-One. Thank me later.

natural-pinky-bridal-makeup-MAC Soar Lipliner- Croydin-Surrey

Lash, But Not least (Bridal Makeup Artist Tip #5):

See what I did there?(Dad jokes are the best). When it comes to the windows to your soul, we want to enhance their beauty with a wash of creamy shimmer for that effortless feel. However this look for me is all about those lashes.

Scattering a few individual lashes towards the outer corner of the eyes is the perfect way to dial up your look, without scary spider lashes.I used a mixture of KIMCCI 10mm & 12mm lashes for that fluttery vibe.

MY TOP TIP: Less Is More With Your Lash Glue.


Any of these products & tips a game changer for you? Let me know!


And there you have it! A little insight into how I created this fresh bridal makeup magic. Remember, on your special day, embrace your unique beauty and let your inner goddess shine. Trust that your bridal makeup doesn’t have to include every new technique that is on the gram, there is power( and artistry ) in knowing just how to create the right balance  of natural, yet enhanced beauty.  Now, go forth, try out a technique or two and let me know is any of them are game changers for you!

Photography: Kathrin Werner 

Model: Annie Knowles, BMA Models

Studio: Pixel Studios London

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