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What we can learn from the TikTok “Sepia Bride”

POV: From A Bridal Makeup Artist✨

written by Jo Elizabeth 

Let's Spill the tea on tiktoks "Sepia Bride"

If you haven’t heard of “Sepia Gate,” have you even been on TikTok this week?! This viral drama has set the internet ablaze with controversy and debates. The “ Sepia Bride” was coined after a bride shared her dissatisfaction with her wedding photographer’s signature editing style. Whilst she was satisfied with many of the images, the overall vibe wasn’t what she envisioned, ultimately wishing for a more true-to-colour approach to the edit. As she took to the internet to spill the tea, this story has ignited a bigger conversation about expectations and communication in the wedding industry.

Here’s the lessons I think both wedding vendors + clients should take away from spicy drama:

  1. Do Your Research: Book A Vendor Based On Their Signature Flare

I *might* get a bit of heat for this, but don’t book a vendor if you don’t like their signature vibe! If you are a natural girlie, don’t book the glam queen artist just because she is trending on insta. Choose the vendors that resonate with your personal style and thank me later. MIC DROP.

HOW – Start A Pinterest board & start pinning what you like, trends and themes will naturally start to emerge

2. Communication Is Crucial

In an age of infinite choice, I don’t blame brides for being so damn confused on what style is for them. Many vendors now offer discovery calls, online reviews and beautifully curated Canva client packs detailing their client offerings. Research, book a call with a potential vendor, ask all the things, about their work flows and find out if your vibes align.

3. Vendors Please Educate Your Brides

I am going to let you in on a little secret: I am an OVERSHARER! Vendors, many brides are navigating this for the first time. Offer detailed consultations to explain your process and set clear expectations. Tell them when something is edited a certain way, go out of your way to overshare, explain techniques and give options!

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